Minutes: October 11, 2018

Approved Courses:

AGNG389 – Integrative Approaches to Promoting Wellness in Aging

ANTH321 – Sociocultural Contexts of Teaching and Learning (New)

BA Gender and Women’s Studies

BIOL429 – (Change) Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology

ECON395 – (New) Research Assistantship

ECON396 – (New) Teaching Assistantship

ECON476 – (Change) Portfolio Analysis and Management

ECON495 – Research Seminar (New)

FIEC B.S. Change in degree requirements

GES408 – Field Ecology

GWST381 – (Change) Sexuality and Reproduction in the U.S

FINC300 –  (New) Financial Markets and Analysis

GES312 – (New) Natural Hazards

INDS399 – (Change)  Guided Reading in Interdisciplinary Studies

MCS366 – (New) Podcasting

PHIl487 – (New) Hegel and Marx

PUBL401 – Portfolio/Lab Course

Philosophy requirements


ECON310 – Data Analysis for Economics (New)

GES408 – (Change) Field Ecology

PHIL251 – (Change) Ethical Issues in Science and Engineering