Minutes: September 16, 2021

Attendees:  E. Feeser, R. Sponaugle, K. Birger, B. Spore, K. Yi, C. Cain, S. Young, C. Hody, L. Cazabon, A. Knapp, D. Mitch (guest), J. Volpe, D. Wentz


Approved courses:

ECON476 – Applied Portfolio Management

EHS301 – Planning Emergency Health Systems

FINC300 – Financial Markets and Analysis

HIST372 – Nazi Germany (New)

** Syllabis

IS125 – Information Systems Logic and Structured Design

IS247 – Computer Programming II

IS310 – Software & Hardware Concepts

IS410 – Introduction to Database Design

IS420 – Database Application Development

IS425 – Decision Support Systems

IS436 – Structured Systems Analysis & Design

IS450 – Data Communications & Networks

IS451 – Network Design & Management

MGMT210 – The Practice of Management

Public Health Program – Name Change

Public Health Program Track 3  – Name Change


EHS115 – Medical Terminology – not approved through department yet – tabled)