Minutes: September 29, 2016

1. Chair McDonough has decided to keep the previously cancelled October 20th meeting due to potential momentum loss with course approvals for course lockout timeline.

2.  Meeting minutes for September 22, 2016 have been approved.

3.  APR’s to be assigned

Chair has asked for volunteers to review the English and Political Science APR’s. 

4.  Programs for approval

Upper Division Undergraduate Certificate in Health Information Technology – Approved

5. Review of postings

ANTH214/ASIA214 – Focused Cultural Study:  South Asia (Approved)

IS397 – Health IT Internship (Approved)

IS467 – Health IT Project (Approved)

HAPP100 – Survey of the US Healthcare System (Approved)

6. Tabled postings

ENME413 – Medical device development (No changes noticed – will be sent back by Chair for clarification of changes requested)

ENME477 – Biomechanics (This is a syllabus for former ENME489 with the new requested 477.  No sense of readings – how much, how technical)

ECON280 – The International Economy (There were multiple Change forms in this document.  Chair to request the forms to be split and sent individually for review)