Minutes: September 30, 2021

Attendees:  E. Feeser, S. Reilly, J. Anitagrace, G. Abraham, G. Williams, B. Tighe, B. Spore, C. Cain, C. Hody, R. Sponaugle, K. Yi, J. Volpe, K. Joseph, K. Birger, S. Young

Initiatives to approve:

Military Credit Policy

Approved Courses:

AGNG360 – Global Ageing (New)

ART339 – Design Thinking for the Social Entrepreneur (Change)

ART350 – 20th-21st Century Latin American Art (New)

ART351 – Feminist Vision: Art (New)

ART352 – Art of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas  (New)

GES420 – Watershed Biogeochemistry (New)

GWST/AMST210 – Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies (Change)

GWST334 – Women in Music (New)

IS417 – Information Systems for Auditors (Change)

PHIL375 – Philosophy of Medicine (New)


Public Health Program (Change)


Tabled courses:

ART431 – Graphic Design III (Change)


Approved initiatives by UGC:

Military Credit Policy revision