Postings: February 6, 2020

Courses for review:

AFST394/SOCY394 – Race, Social Inequality, and Institutional Structure Advocacy (New)

AGNG415 – The Art of Aging (Change)

AMST413 – Policing and Prisons in the U.S. Society (New)

BA in Asian Studies (Change)

BA in Business Technology Administration (BTEC) – (Change)

IS440 – Integrating Technology into Business Processes (Change)

MATH131 – Math for Elementary Teachers I (Change)

MATH132 – Math for Elementary Teachers II (Change)

MGMT410 – Production Management (Change)

MUSC101 – Fundamentals of Music Theory (Change)

Music Minor (Change)

MUSC102 – Advanced Music Fundamentals (New)

MUSC321 – Music History I (Change)

MUSC328 – Music and the Mind (New)