Postings: September 30, 2016

BIO415/615 – Systems Biology (New)

ENGL475 – Special Studies in Creative Writing (Course Change Form – description)

INDS Major Change – (Course Change Form – Multiple changes)

INDS335 – Interdisciplinary Degree Plan Writing Seminar (Course Change Form – Catalog description)

LING450 – Workshop in Applied Lingustics (Course Change Form – description)

POLI361 – Comparative Political Analysis (New)

POLI361 – Comparative Political Analysis (New) Syllabus

POLI380 – International Relations Theory (Course Change Form – recommended prep)

POLI384 – Diplomacy and the United Nations (Course Change Form – change of title/description)

POLI387 – Political Economy: A Primer (Course Change Form – Title change)

POLI480 – International Organization (Course Change Form – Title change, Prep description)

POLI487 – International Political Economy (Course Change form – Rec. Prep)

RUSS321 – The Russians’ World – I (New)

RUSS322 – The Russians’ World – II (New)

SOWK250 – Introduction to Social Work (New)

SOWK250 – Introduction to Social Work ( New) Syllabus

SOWK397 – Social Work Methods I: Introduction to Practice (Course Change Form – Prereqs)