Agenda: February 15, 2018

Current Postings:

CHEM405 – (Change)

PHYS304 – (Change) Fundamentals of Astronomy and Astrophysics

PHYS405 – (Change) Stellar Astrophysics

PHYS406 – (New) Extragalactic Astrophysics

PHYS415 – (Change) Astroparticle Physics

PHYS416 – (Change) Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology

Phys Program Change

POLI431 – (New) National Security Law

AMST245 – Arab and Muslim Experiences in the United States (New)

GWST245 – Arab and Muslim Experiences in the United States (New)

BIOL100 – Concepts of Biology (Change)

BIOL216L – eBiology – Phage Hunters (Change)

BIOL301 – Ecology and Evolution (Change)

BIOLBS – BS Upper Level Electives

BIOLMinor – Biological Sciences Minor

BIOL BA Elective – BA Upper Level Laboratory Electives

POLI431 – National Security Law (New)

Visual Arts, Photograph Concentration BA

Visual Arts , Print Media Concentration BA

Visual Arts , Animation Concentration BA

Cinematic Arts Concentration BA

Graphic Design Concentration BA

Courses/Programs with revisions:

GWST378 – (information item only) Women, Gender and Science (needed corrected course number)

Global Studies Program

Other items for discussion:

Proposal of name change INDS

EHS APR Review