Agenda: October 11, 2018

Courses for Review:

ANTH321 – Sociocultural Contexts of Teaching and Learning (New)

BA Gender and Women’s Studies

BIOL429 – (Change) Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology

ECON310 – Data Analysis for Economics (New)

ECON495 – Research Seminar (New)

FIEC B.S. Change in degree requirements

GWST381 – (Change) Sexuality and Reproduction in the U.S

PHIL251 – (Change) Ethical Issues in Science and Engineering

Philosophy requirements

Unfinished Business:

ECON395 – (New) Research Assistantship

ECON396 – (New) Teaching Assistantship

ECON476 – (Change) Portfolio Analysis and Management

FINC300 –  (New) Financial Markets and Analysis

GES312 – (New) Natural Hazards

GES408 – (Change) Field Ecology

INDS399 – (Change)  Guided Reading in Interdisciplinary Studies

MCS366 – (New) Podcasting

PHIl487 – (New) Hegel and Marx

Approved/requested slight revisions:

PUBL401 – Portfolio/Lab Course


I wrote with Jill Eigenbrode and the final PUBH 401 document is attached.
The prerequisites are: 
PUBH 200 and PUBH 301 with a C or higher
AMST 422 with a grade of C or higher
I added the list of UGC approved 400-level courses to the document. I also checked to make sure the 400-level with a C or better would not be a problem since the students would be concurrently enrolled in PUBH 401 (1 credit) and 400-level (3 credits). Jill wrote: “People Soft will recognize that a student is currently in the pre-req course and allow them to register.  The Registrar’s Office then runs a process after the semester is complete and checks the grades to make sure the pre-req is full met.  Therefore you can use AMST 422 with a grade of ‘c’ if you would like.” AMST 422 is the first course on the list… and also AMST’s signature public humanities course.
This is the final edit on the PUBH 401 syllabus. I appreciate you suggesting I check with the registrar’s office. Jill was very helpful and I understand the process better.
I think all edits and documents are in order now. If there is anything else that you need, please let me know.


Nicole King
Associate Professor & Chair
Department of American Studies

History APR – (B. Feeser)



Action Plan



 Action Plan

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