Minutes: March 2, 2017

Meeting minutes for February 16, 2017 were approved as submitted.

The new course forms and the change course forms have been amended are are current on the website for faculty.

Courses approved:

BIOL414 – Eukaryotic Genetics and Molecular Biology

BIOL414H – Foundations of Biology: Cells, Energy and Organisms – Honors

PSYC382 – Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

PHIL473 – (New)  Self-Knowledge

PHIL473 – (Syllabis)

PHIL482 – Aristotle’s Ethics

PHIL482 – (Syllabis)

PHIL483–  Plato’s Republic

PHIL483 – (Syllabis)

PHIL485 – (New) Nietzsche

PHIL485 – (Syllabis)

THTR232 –  Scene Design

THTR233 –  Costume Design

THTR235 – Lighting Design I

THTR237 – Sound Design

THTR335 – Advanced Lighting Design

THTR337 – Advanced Sound Design

THTR434 – Introduction to Draping

Tabled Courses:

EDUC310 – Inquiry into Education

GWST444 – (New) Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

PHIL450 – (New)  Metaethics

PHIL450 – (Syllabis)

THTR261 – Theatre Production: Running Crew

THTR262 – Theatre Production: Lighting and Sound

THTR263 – Theatre Production: Costumes

THTR264 – Theatre Production: Scenery

THTR332 – Advanced Scene and Costume Design

THTR333 – Drawing for the Theatre II

THTR430 – Theatre Internship

THTR439 – Advanced Design Techniques

THTR452 – Theatre Lab