Minutes: October 25, 2018

Approved courses:

POLI210 – Political Philosophy (Change)

POLI310 – Political Philosophy before 1600 (Change)

POLI315 – Political Philosophy before 1600 (Change)

POLI319 – Selected Topics in Political Philosophy (Change)


MCS326 – Media and Politics (New)

POLI326 – Media and Politics (New)

Next meeting:

MUSC419 – Technology in the Recording Studio (New)

POLI320 – American Political Thought (Change)

POLI410 – Seminar in Political Philosophy (Change)

POLI419 – Selected Topics in Political Theory (Change)

THTR244 – Script Analysis (Change)

SW Program Change


PHIL251 – Ethical Issues in Science and Engineering (Change)

History APR – (B. Feeser)



Action Plan



 Action Plan

UDC – Management of Aging Services