Postings: August 23, 2018

Courses for Review:

AGNG389/Syllabi – (New) Integrative Approaches to Promoting Wellness in Aging

BIOL303L – (Change) Cell Biology Lab

BIOL306L – (Change) Projects in Synthetic Molecular Biology

BIOL412/612 – (Change) Microbial Systems and Synthetic Biology

BIOL414 – (Change) Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics

Critical Sexuality Studies Minor

EDUC113 – (Change) Academic Success for Lifelong Learning

EDUC114 – (Change) Academic Success for Lifelong Learning

GES443/Syllabi – (New) Urbanization and Developmentn in a Global Context

Gender and Womens Studies BA

INDS399 – (Change) Guided Reading for Interdisciplinary Studies

MCS366/Syllabi – (New) Podcasting


Academic Program Review


     Campus Governance

External Report

 Action Plan

Deans Response


Year Three Review



Action Plan



 Action Plan

Other Approvals Needed

B.S. Middle Grades STEM

UDC – Management of Aging Services