Postings: February 17, 2017

Current Postings:

BIOL414 – Eukaryotic Genetics and Molecular Biology

BIOL414H – Foundations of Biology: Cells, Energy and Organisms – Honors

EDUC310 – Inquiry into Education

GWST444 – (New) Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

PSYC382 – Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

PSYC421 – Parenting

PHIL473 – (New)  Self-Knowledge

PHIL473 – (Syllabis)

PHIL482 – Aristotle’s Ethics

PHIL482 – (Syllabis)

PHIL483–  Plato’s Republic

PHIL483 – (Syllabis)

PHIL485 – (New) Nietzsche

PHIL485 – (Syllabis)

PHIL450 – (New)  Metaethics

PHIL450 – (Syllabis)

THTR232 –  Scene Design

THTR233 –  Costume Design

THTR235 – Lighting Design I

THTR237 – Sound Design

THTR261 – Theatre Production: Running Crew

THTR262 – Theatre Production: Lighting and Sound

THTR263 – Theatre Production: Costumes

THTR264 – Theatre Production: Scenery

THTR332 – Advanced Scene and Costume Design

THTR333 – Drawing for the Theatre II

THTR335 – Advanced Lighting Design

THTR337 – Advanced Sound Design

THTR430 – Theatre Internship

THTR434 – Introduction to Draping

THTR439 – Advanced Design Techniques

THTR452 – Theatre Lab

THTR D&P CURRICULUM – THEATRE BA with Concentration Design and Production

THTR TS CURRICULUM –  THEATRE BA with Concentration Theatre Studies