Minutes: February 20, 2020

Courses for review:

ANTH401H – Honors Thesis Research (change)

ANTH402H – Honors Thesis Research (change)

BIOL430 – Biological Chemistry (change)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, B.S. Degree – Upper Level Electives

EDUC446 – Language, Literacy, and Literacy and Intellectual Development of Young Children (change)

EDUC447 – Teaching of Reading and Writing in Early Childhood Education (change)

EDUC451 – Internship Seminar in Early Childhood Education (change)

ENGL240 – Writing for Social Change (new)

INDS335 – Interdisciplinary Degree Plan Writing Seminar (change)

INDS480 – Interdisciplinary Studies: Capstone Project (change)

MCS326 – Media and Politics (new)

POLI326 – Media and Politics (new)

MUSC366 – Vocal Pedagogy (new)

MUSC367 – Instrumental Pedagogy (new)

 BA in Music Performance 

Tabled Courses:

EDUC425 – Methods of Teaching English in Secondary Schools (change)

HIST379 – “Do Muslim Women Need Saving?” – Women and Gender in Islam (new)

Other Approved Initiatives:

Proposal to Change Name of an Academic Department