Minutes: May 2, 2019

Approved Courses:

EDUC Deletions #1

EDUC Deletions #2

ENGL250 – Introduction to Shakespeare (change)

HIST301 – The American City (change)

HIST320 – Atlantic Revolutions on Film (change)

HIST350 – History of Medicine (change)

HIST365 – War in the Modern World (change)

MUSC Inactive courses

PSYCH467 – Child Health Psychology (new)

PUB300 – Global Community Engagement and Social Change (New)

BIOL252L – Human Anatomy and Physiology II (change)

MUSC362 – Arts in Education (Change)

BTEC300 – Biotechnology Survey: Legal, Ethical, Regulatory & Biosafety Issues (Change)

BTEC462 –  Bioprocess Design and Control (Change)

BTEC470 – Advanced Biomanufacturing (Change)

Tabled from April 11th meeting: (no revisions received)

EDUC425 – Methods of Teaching English in the Secondary Schools – change

EDUC446 – Language, Literacy, and Intellectual Development of Young Children – change

EDUC447 –  Teaching of Reading and Writing in Early Childhood Education – change

EDUC451 –  Internship Seminar in Early Childhood Education – change

Will be reviewed in Fall 2019 semester: (B. Chapin)

Academic Program Review for Geography and Environmental Systems


Action Plan

Campus Governance

Dean’ts Report

Final External


ART400 – Teaching Artist Change Agent (new)

HIST302 – History of Maryland (change)