Minutes: September 20, 2018

– The meeting minutes were approved from the September 6, 2018 meeting.

– Welcome to Patrick Reid that represented Student Government Association.

Approved postings:

Change in Arabic Minor

CHIN302 – (Change) Advanced Chinese II

THTR100 – (Change) Introduction to Theatre Scenography

THTR104 – (Change) Introduction to Costume

THTR110 – (Change) Introduction to Acting

THTR222 – (Change) Vocal Training for the Actor I

THTR223 – (Change) Vocal Training for the Actor II

THTR250 – (Change) Introduction to Production Techniques

THTR324 – (Change) Craft of Acting III

THTR339 – (Change) Advanced Production Techniques

THTR354 – (Change) Advanced Technical Production

Tabled Postings:

UDC – Management of Aging Services

THTR206 – (Change) Fashion, Costume and Society

THTR220 – (Change) Craft of Acting I

THTR221 – (Change) Craft of Acting II

THTR241 – (Change) Theatre Ensemble I

THTR244 – (Change) Script Analysis

THTR341 – (Change) Theatre Ensemble II

Unfinished Business:

BA D&P Revisions – (Change) BA Theatre Concentration Design and Production

BA-TS Revisions – (Change) BA Theatre Concentration Theatre Studies

BFA Revisions – (Change) BFA Acting