Agenda: March 7, 2019

Postings for review:

ART400 – Teaching Artist=Change Agent – change

BIOL252 – Human Anatomy & Physiology II – change

BIOL252L – Human Anatomy & Physiology II – change

BIOL418 – Human Molecular Biology – change

BIOL420 – Advanced Topics in Cell Biology – change

Inactive Biology Courses

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B.S., BIOL Lab requirement

Critical Sexuality Studies Minor

Dance Minor

DANC299 – Dance Denmark – Dance and Culture – new

DANC406 – Teaching Dance Techniques – new

EDUC410 – Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Part I – change

EDUC411 – Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Part II – change

EDUC412 – Analysis of Teaching and Learning – change

EDUC425 – Methods of Teaching English in the Secondary Schools – change

EDUC426 – Mathematics in the Secondary School – change

EDUC427 – Science in the Secondary School – change

EDUC428 – Social Studies in the Secondary School – change

EDUC429 – Methods of Teaching Modern Foreign Language in Secondary Schools – change

EDUC441 – Children’s Literature and Other Materials for Early Literacy – change

EDUC446 – Language, Literacy, and Intellectual Development of Young Children – change

EDUC447 –  Teaching of Reading and Writing in Early Childhood Education – change

EDUC451 –  Internship Seminar in Early Childhood Education – change

GWST328 – Women & Politics – change

Gender and Womens Studies Minor

HAPP310 – Population and Reproductive Health – new

HIST379 – “Do Muslim Women Need Saving?” – Women and Gender in Islam – new

HONR100 – Honors Forum I – change

HONR200 – Interdisciplinary Honors – change

HONR300 – General Honors Seminar – change

HONR390 – Reflections on Community Service – change

HONR400 – Honors Independent Study – change

HONR410 – Honors Internship – change

Honors College – Deactivation of course HONR316

MATH409 – Introduction to Mathematical Logic – change

MATH479 – Mathematical Problem Solving Seminar – change

STAT418 – Applied Multivariate Methods – change

STAT419 – Introduction to Biostatistics – change

STAT497 – Senior Thesis – change

MBIO361L – Sustainable Aquaculture Laboratory – new

MCS406/MLL406 – Theory and History of Intercultural Media

MCS495/MLL495 – Intercultural Video Production

MCS407 – Political Writing  – new

NAVY300 – Naval Ship Systems I (Engineering) – change

NAVY301 – Naval Ship Systems II (Weapon Systems) – change

PHIL451 – Consequentialism and its Critics – new

POLI321 – Public Opinion – new

POLI328 – Women & Politics – change

POLI330 – Mock Trial – new

POLI407 – Political Writing – new

POLI421 – Baseball, American Politics, and the Law – change

POLI331 – Moot Point – new

New Minor in Practical Policy & Politics

Legal Policy Minor

American Politics Minor

International Politics Minor

Political Thought Minor

PSYCH305 – The Exceptional Child – change

SOCY301 – Analysis of Sociological Data – change

Postings with revisions made:

MUSC110                          MUSC111                         MUSC116

MUSC125                          MUSC174                        MUSC176

MUSC177                          MUSC185                        MUSC186

MUSC187                          MUSC188                        MUSC189

MUSC210 **                      MUSC321 **                    MUSC362**

MUSC380**                       MUSC416**                     MUSC427

MUSC480                          MUSC492**                     MUSC126

MUSC171                          MUSC175**                     MUSC211

MUSC221                          MUSC222                        MUSC223

MUSC224                          MUSC225                        MUSC226

MUSC261**                       MUSC310                        MUSC322

MUSC323                          MUSC336                        MUSC360**

MUSC361**                       MUSC385                        MUSC401

MUSC417**                       MUSC418**                     MUSC419**

MUSC112                          MUSC173                        MUSC400

MUSC161                          MUSC178                        MUSC318

MUSC319                          MUSC303                        MUSC303H

MUSC304                          MUSC305                        MUSC305H

MUSC306                          MUSC308                        MUSC309

MUSC162                          MUSC163                        MUSC179

MUSC218                          MUSC219                        MUSC301

MUSC307                          MUSC311                        MUSC312

MUSC313                          MUSC320                        MUSC324

MUSC358                          MUSC182                        MUSC183

MUSC184                          MUSC190                        MUSC193

MUSC194                          MUSC390                        MUSC321

MUSC391                          MUSC392                        MUSC126


(** indicates courses that were approved at last meeting with no changes needed.)







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