Minutes: March 7, 2019

Approved courses:

BIOL252 – Human Anatomy & Physiology II – change

BIOL418 – Human Molecular Biology – change

BIOL420 – Advanced Topics in Cell Biology – change

Inactive Biology Courses

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B.S., BIOL Lab requirement

Critical Sexuality Studies Minor

Dance Minor

DANC299 – Dance Denmark – Dance and Culture – new

GWST328 – Women & Politics – change

Gender and Womens Studies Minor

HAPP310 – Population and Reproductive Health – new

HIST315 – Native American History, 1800 to Present – change

MATH409 – Introduction to Mathematical Logic – change

MATH479 – Mathematical Problem Solving Seminar – change

STAT418 – Applied Multivariate Methods – change

STAT419 – Introduction to Biostatistics – change

STAT497 – Senior Thesis – change

MBIO361L – Sustainable Aquaculture Laboratory – new

MCS406/MLL406 – Theory and History of Intercultural Media

MCS495/MLL495 – Video Ethnography

MCS407 – Political Writing  – new

PHIL451 – Consequentialism and its Critics – new

POLI321 – Public Opinion – new

POLI328 – Women & Politics – change

POLI330 – Mock Trial – new

POLI407 – Political Writing – new

POLI421 – Baseball, American Politics, and the Law – change

POLI331 – Moot Trial – new

New Minor in Practical Policy & Politics

Legal Policy Minor

American Politics Minor

International Politics Minor

Political Thought Minor

GWST328 – Women Gender Sexuality & Poli – change

POLI328 –  Women Gender Sexuality & Poli

PSYCH305 – The Exceptional Child – change

MUSC110                          MUSC111                         MUSC116

MUSC125                          MUSC174                        MUSC176

MUSC177                          MUSC185                        MUSC186

MUSC187                          MUSC188                        MUSC189

MUSC210 **                      MUSC321 **                    MUSC362**

MUSC380**                       MUSC416**                     MUSC427

MUSC480                          MUSC492**                     MUSC126

MUSC171                          MUSC175**                     MUSC211

MUSC221                          MUSC222                        MUSC223

MUSC224                          MUSC225                        MUSC226

MUSC261**                       MUSC310                        MUSC322

MUSC323                          MUSC336                        MUSC360**

MUSC361**                       MUSC385                        MUSC401

MUSC417**                       MUSC418**                     MUSC419**

MUSC112                          MUSC173                        MUSC400

MUSC161                          MUSC178                        MUSC318

MUSC319                          MUSC162                        MUSC163                       

MUSC179                          MUSC126

MUSC218                          MUSC219                        MUSC311 

MUSC312                          MUSC358                        MUSC182

MUSC183                          MUSC184                        MUSC321

SOWK376 – Intimate Partner Violence (tabled that received revisions)

Tabled courses:

ART400 – Teaching Artist=Change Agent – change

BIOL252L – Human Anatomy & Physiology II – change

DANC406 – Teaching Dance Techniques – new

EDUC410 – Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Part I – change

EDUC411 – Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Part II – change

EDUC412 – Analysis of Teaching and Learning – change

EDUC425 – Methods of Teaching English in the Secondary Schools – change

EDUC426 – Mathematics in the Secondary School – change

EDUC427 – Science in the Secondary School – change

EDUC428 – Social Studies in the Secondary School – change

EDUC429 – Methods of Teaching Modern Foreign Language in Secondary Schools – change

EDUC441 – Children’s Literature and Other Materials for Early Literacy – change

EDUC446 – Language, Literacy, and Intellectual Development of Young Children – change

EDUC447 –  Teaching of Reading and Writing in Early Childhood Education – change

EDUC451 –  Internship Seminar in Early Childhood Education – change

HIST379 – “Do Muslim Women Need Saving?” – Women and Gender in Islam – new

MUSC303                          MUSC303H                       MUSC301

MUSC304                          MUSC305                         MUSC305H

MUSC306                          MUSC308                         MUSC309

MUSC307                          MUSC313                         MUSC320

MUSC324                          MUSC190                         MUSC193

MUSC194                          MUSC390                         MUSC391 

MUSC392                          MUSC227

Held over to next meeting:

Academic Program Review for Geography and Environmental Systems


Action Plan

Campus Governance

Dean’ts Report

Final External

BTEC462 – Bioprocess Design and Control (tabled that received revisions)

BTEC470 – Advanced Biomanufacturing (tabled that received revisions)

BTEC300 –  Biotechnology Survey: Legal, Ethical, Regulatory & Biosafety Issues (tabled that received revisions)

HONR100 – Honors Forum I – change

HONR200 – Interdisciplinary Honors – change

HONR300 – General Honors Seminar – change

HONR390 – Reflections on Community Service – change

HONR400 – Honors Independent Study – change

HONR410 – Honors Internship – change

Honors College – Deactivation of course HONR316

NAVY300 – Naval Ship Systems I (Engineering) – change

NAVY301 – Naval Ship Systems II (Weapon Systems) – change

SOCY301 – Analysis of Sociological Data – change